Ontario Osteopathic Association

Our Mission

The OOA is committed to rigorous professional standards and membership criteria. It ensures patient safety by representing practitioners with the highest level of manual osteopathic training. The OOA stands by the quality of its membership and is committed to protecting the patient community in providing reliable, affordable and effective osteopathic care.

You're In Safe Hands

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      Transparency, Responsibility,
      Safety & Ethics

      The OOA and it’s membership put these tenets first.

      Transparency in education and affiliation

      Responsibility to the laws of Ontario

      Safety in osteopathic treatment

      Ethical practice above all

      Trust in Practitioners who are OOA Approved!

      Minimum 4,200 Hours in Comprehensive Education

      – Completed in not less than 4 years

      Valid Liability & Malpractice Insurance

      OOA Standards of Practice

      1,000 Hours SUPERVISED Clinical Training & Practice

      – In a Dedicated Clinical Environment that is insured

      – Supervised by Professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

      Mandatory Continuing Education

      Red Flags & Ethics Re-certifications

      Clear Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check

      Fraud Prevention Education

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      Email: communications@ontarioosteopathy.com

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      COVID-19 UPDATE: Osteopathy is not an essential service and all practitioners should stop providing treatment. As OSTCAN has been keeping its members abreast of information since early March, and in keeping with the several notices that have been administered directly to our membership; across Canada it is recommended that all practices close. Members of in Ontario specifically, who do not adhere to the order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act are not complying with the laws of the Province of Ontario. This may result in you being fined and/or imprisoned. It may also result in you being delisted by insurance providers and it is a breach of our Standards of Practice which require you to comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which you practice (Standard 17), to comply with health and safety legislation (Standard 14) and putting your own interests above your patients' safety (Standard 16). Members remaining open may also be subjected to discipline by the OOA which may result in the revocation of their membership.