Member Criteria

Professional Members

Education Standards

All new members applying to the OOA must have a minimum 4 years of osteopathic education. This education must total a minimum of 4200 hours, and include a minimum of 1000 hours in Supervised Clinical Practice & Training as outlined by the World Health Organization Benchmarks for training in Osteopathy.


Professional Standards

All members of the OOA are required to meet the following criteria for membership application and renewal.

  • Meet the Education Standards criteria
  • Hold valid professional malpractice and liability coverage (recommended 5 million in coverage)
  • Adhere to the OOA Standards of Practice
  • Adhere to the OOA Bylaws
  • Comply to the laws of Ontario
  • Satisfy the annual Continuing Education requirements of the OOA
  • Satisfy the regular re-certification of Safety, Ethics & Red Flags training
  • Hold a CLEAR negative Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check
  • Attend regular Fraud Prevention Education

Associate Members

  • An associate member must have the qualifications of a professional member
  • The associate member does not have an osteopathic practice in the province of Ontario
  • The associate member may practice osteopathy in another province of Canada or another country
  • The associate member must adhere to the laws and regulations regarding their scope of practice in accordance to the province/country they practice in

All members of the OOA are required to meet the following criteria for membership application and renewal.


All references to osteopathy or osteopath refer to the manual application of theoretical and philosophical principles, concepts, or manual procedures set forth by Dr. A.T Still, its founder. The OOA regulates the entry of its members and not the profession of osteopathy.

Accepted Credentials of the OOA

The OOA accepts only the credentials that meet the minimum education standard of the Association. It is open to all practitioners who meet the criteria.

Canadian Trained Practitioners

Canadian trained practitioners wishing to join the OOA must be able to provide proof that they have meet the educational standard required for membership in the OOA.

Internationally Trained Practitioners

  • The OOA accepts internationally trained osteopathic practitioners who meet the following criteria
  • Were trained in a country where osteopathic schools and professionals are regulated
  • Provide graduation transcripts from a regulated international osteopathic school
  • Provide proof of professional membership in a regulated international professional association
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